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Warranty Provisions

  1. This carry-in warranty starts on the date of purchase and expires in ONE (1) year to cover manufacturing defects caused during a normal use according to the operating manual as well as the precautions stated on the products and packaging.
  2. To claim the carry-in warranty service, customers should bring the complete unit and accessories to our service centre in local market during the operational hours together with this warranty card and dated original receipt / invoice.
  3. If the product is confirmed to be defective by the distributor’s authorized personnel, the company at its own discretion may repair or replace the complete or part of the product at no cost.
  4. Carry-in Warranty claim will be invalid and repair cost shall be paid by customer in the following situations.
    1. Failure and damage caused by improper use and unauthorized maintenance
    2. Failure and damage caused by careless drop after purchase
    3. Failure and damage caused by fire, earthquake or other natural disasters.
    4. Failure and damage caused when the product is used for commercial purposes such as used in an industry for a long time, or in a vehicle or a ship.
    5. Failure and damage caused by handling, transportation and other processes.
    6. Failure to show the warranty card and dated original receipt / invoice.
    7. Date of purchase, customer name, shop name not indicated on the warranty card or altered.
  5. The carry-in warranty services are applicable only for products purchased in South East Asia.

Kindly ensure all data are accurate and correct as this could void your warranty claim.